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Truck Accidents Raise Several Questions Of Liaiblity

West Hawaii Today reports that a Hilo highway was closed down after a tanker trail spilled jet fuel on the highway. While the accident created chaos, fortunately the driver escaped with only minor injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

Truck accidents – especially those with involving 18-wheelers – are some of the most serious Hawaii traffic accidents. Due to the sheer size of semi-tractor trailers, when their drivers lose control, collide with other vehicles, flip over or are otherwise involved in motor vehicle accidents, the results can be deadly. Further, if the truck is carrying hazardous materials, the risk for harm increases.

While truck accidents may be caused by driver error, several other factors may be implicated. For example, the trucking company may be held responsible for its conduct in causing an accident. This may be the situation where the company violates rules concerning the hours it requires its driver to work without rest, or overloading the truck's cargo. The company may also be responsible if it fails to properly maintain the trucks in good working order.

Additionally, in other circumstances way a road is designed is the "real" culprit behind an accident. Notoriously dangerous intersections with blind spots, poorly maintained roadways, and curves with low visibility may be more to blame than a driver. In these instances, it may be possible to file a roadway negligence claim. Other times, a defective auto part – such as faulty brakes or damaged tires that fail to operate, as they should – may be to blame for an accident. In these instances it may be possible to file a product liability claim.

Although in some instances a drive may be solely at fault, whenever an accident occurs it is a good idea to hire an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney to begin an investigation into each factor that may have caused an incident to occur.

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