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Motorcycle Accident Results in Serious Personal Injuries

Hawaii News Now reports that the Farrington Highway has now opened following a serious motorcycle accident in West Oahu. The motorcycle crash happened in the middle of the afternoon, when a motorcycle rider slammed into a van as it was turning. Both the motorcycle driver and the driver of the van sustained serious personal injuries.

The circumstances surrounding this accident remain under investigation. It is unknown whether the accident was the result of reckless or distracted driving on the part of the motorcyclist or the driver of the van. Further, whether any of the conditions of the roadway played a part in the accident also need to be considered.

Traveling by motorcycle is inherently dangerous. The lack of a protective barrier such as is provided in a car means that when accidents do happen, the likelihood of riders sustaining injuries is great. It is estimated that 80% of all motorcycle accidents involve the rider being injured or killed. 18% of those injured suffer some manner of permanent disability, and 10% experience injuries that leave them paralyzed, such as severed spinal cords and fractured vertebrae.

Further, because motorcycles can be difficult to detect, the risk of car v. motorcycle accidents occurring is higher than with other types of motor vehicles.

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