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Death of Hawaii Women Raises Questions Regarding Safety of Cryotherapy

Investigation into the death of a Hawaii woman in a cryotherapy chamber continues, with many focusing on the safety of the treatment, and the machines used in the therapy. Chelsea Ake-Salvacion worked at the spa, and was using the chamber after hours. The therapy is used to treat pain and muscles soreness, burn calories, reduce pain, strengthen immune systems and halt aging by embedding them in freezing tanks for a few minutes at a time.

The young woman was found dead the next morning, having been in the chamber for 10 hours.

The accident occurred in Las Vegas, and state and federal investigators are looking into any regulations governing the use and operation of the equipment. It will also be important to determine whether the machine used was manufactured properly or whether there was any design flaw or manufacturing defect.

If the equipment malfunctioned, it may be the basis for a product liability lawsuit. If you or loved one has been harmed by any type of defective product – obtaining the help of an experienced Hawaii personal injury lawyer is an important first step. The dedicated Hawaii injury attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson have years of experience helping people harmed by defective products and devices.

Currently, little oversight exists concerning the use of these machines which have become popular, especially with celebrities and athletes. The systems release nitrogen which can easily overpower users if not properly monitored.