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Hawaii Motorcycle Accident Kills One

One man has died in a Honolulu motorcycle accident. According to reports, the Sand Island Access Road was closed following the incident. While the accident remains under investigation, initial reports reveal that the man was riding in a group with 2 other motorcyclists and somehow lost control of his bike, leading him to crash into a fence as well as a street sign. He was wearing a helmet at the time. Police will look into whether speed was a factor, or if drugs or alcohol may have been involved.

Motorcycle accidents in Hawaii are fairly common, with the latest statistics showing the motorcycle and moped accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, when motorcycle accidents do occur, they are often deadly.

A few safety tips can help protect you if you are travelling via motorcycle. First, always wear a helmet. While a helmet may not be able to provide complete protection, it increasingly the likelihood that you will walk away from a crash and helps limit the severity of a potential head or brain injury. Additionally, it's important to drive defensively. Cars and other vehicles on the road may not be on the look out for motorcycles so it's important that stay vigilant. This includes not driving recklessly or while distracted.

Fortunately with the increase number of riders, public safety campaigns have raised awareness concerning motorcycle risks and necessary precautions.

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