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Bicyclist injured in protected bike lane accident

Hawaii news reports that a woman sustained injuries in a bicycle accident while riding in one of Honolulu’s protected bike lanes. According to reports, a motorist hit her from behind as he was turning. Video footage of the incident shows that the bicyclist was almost directly in front of the car when the driver turned into her.

Rules of the road dictate that drivers are to yield the right of way to bicyclists. However, despite having the added safety of protected bike lanes, and traffic lights, bicyclists still report that riding in high traffic areas such as King Street, where this accident occurred, can be dangerous and urge riders to use caution.

Drivers often fail to be on the lookout for cyclists, but rather are paying attention to other vehicles. With the increase of dedicated bike lanes, drivers need to bear in mind that they are sharing the road with an increasing number of bicyclists, and need to do a better job of looking out for bikers and pedestrians. Fortunately however, according to a representative of the city, since adding protected bike ways, the number of bike accidents and injuries has decreased, while the number of bike riders has increased.

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