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Hawaii School Bus Accident Under Investigation

An investigation continues into a Hawaii Island school bus accident. According to reports, more than 50 children were on the two buses when the incident occurred earlier this month. The buses were traveling on Queen Kaahumanu Highway when one bus rear-ended the other as it came to a stop. Fortunately, no one sustained serious personal injuries, although one student noted, “We were just on the bus and then all of a sudden it was like we got clubbed and the back window blew out and I had glass all over me … it was really scary and that the impact was really hard.” A report wasn’t filed until 2 hours after the accident occurred. The drivers were from a bus contracting company and remain under investigation.

While school bus accidents are rare, their incidence is increasing, with several recent tragic accidents leading to catastrophic injuries and deaths. Although riding in a school bus is one of the safest modes of transportation, when the buses are not properly maintained – and have worn tires or faulty brakes, accidents can occur. Further, if the drivers are not properly trained or are careless or reckless, children may be seriously injured.

Here, the investigation into the cause of the accident continues.

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