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Fatal helicopter crash under investigation

Last month, a tragic helicopter crash claimed the lives of three tourists.  The accident remains under investigation.  However, an initial investigation reveals that the same model helicopter owned by the same tour company was involved in a crash last year.  While that crash was not fatal, it raises issues concerning the safety of the aircraft, and what safety precautions the company should have taken to avoid the latest tragedy.

In the recent accident, two tourists were killed along with the pilot.  The pilot had a commercial pilot’s license and was a certified flight instructor.

An investigation continues into the factors behind the accident – i.e. was pilot error an issue? Was there an equipment failure or malfunction?  Did the tour company meet all of its safety requirements and duties to the passengers?  While tourists may sign waivers when undertaking sightseeing and other tourist activities, this does not excuse reckless or negligent conduct on behalf of a company.  Thus, if you or a loved one are injured, signing a waiver doesn’t necessarily let companies off the hook when injuries occur.  As such, it is important to conduct an in-depth investigation of all factors that may contribute to an incident occurring.

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