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Hawaii Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise

Hawaii news reports that A Wailuku man has died in a Kihei motorcycle accident. An initial investigation reveals that speed may have been a factor, but a review is under way into all of the factors that may have contributed to the incident. According to sources, the motorcycle driven by the man failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway, crossed left of the center of the road, and collided into a guardrail. The man was wearing a helmet. The man's death marks Hawaii's 6th traffic fatality this year.

Riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than riding in a car, and when accidents occur, riders frequently sustain serious and often deadly injuries. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Hawaii motorcycle accident, it's a good idea to speak to a Hawaii personal injury attorney right away.

In fact, the number of motorcycle accidents is on the rise due to a number of reasons including driver distraction on the part of automobile drivers who fail to pay adequate attention and observe motorcyclists on the one. Motorcycle collisions are particular serious for a number of reasons including:

  • The motorcycle itself providing little to no protection for the rider in the event of an accident
  • The frequency of riders being thrown into traffic or onto the road when a collision does occur
  • The tendency for riders to strike vehicles or other large objects when they are ejected

Statistics show that 80% of all motorcycle accidents involve the rider being injured or killed. 18% of those injured suffer some manner of permanent disability, and 10% experience injuries that leave them paralyzed, such as severed and fractured vertebrae.

For more information, or if you or a loved one has suffered harm in a Hawaii motorcycle accident, please contact the top Hawaii motorcycle injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson for an immediate consultation.