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Question of Negligence Investigated in Hawaii Farmers Market Death

In the week following the horrific accident at Kapiolani Community College, where a woman who worked at the farmers' market was killed changes to improve safety at the popular market have already been implemented.

KHON2 reports that since the fatal incident, organizers have taken steps to separate keep people and cars separate. As explained by an organizer, "We're better enforcing when the market begins to limit foot traffic during set up and tear down."

For example, unlike in previous weeks, the public can no longer access the market before it opens. This will allow vendors to set up and reduce the amount of foot traffic around the market while trucks and other vehicles are delivering goods and supplies. Further, "spotters" have been added to the market who help navigate vehicles coming in and out of the market in an effort to reduce potential car accidents. One observer noted, "We had people calling out that there were cars coming through and coming around and checking that cars were going to be moved in a timely and safe fashion. And also it was a much slower and steadier set up. There was no hurry."

In the days since the Hawaii car accident, investigators are determining just what issues may have led to accident, including negligence on behalf of the driver who hit the woman, product liability or other safety issues.

While it is unknown whether negligence or carelessness was involved in this incident, these critcal safety steps will hopefully prevent future tragedies from occuring.

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