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Fatal Chain-Reaction Car Accident Kills One

Hawaii News reports that a man has died following a four-vehicle chain reaction accident. This accident marks Oahu’s 12th traffic fatality this year, down from 16 at this time last year.

According to reports, the accident occurred when a man in one vehicle crashed into a second vehicle. This vehicle then subsequently caused two other cars to crash. The man in the second vehicle sustained serious personal injuries and subsequently passed away. While the incident remains under investigation, speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash.

Whenever a vehicular accident occurs, it is important to investigate all potential factors that may have influenced the crash. For example, distracted driving remains a leading cause of car accidents. Despite significant public safety campaigns and awareness concerning the dangers, a recent study revealed that driving while distracted remains a significant cause of fatal crashes. In the United States, about 9 people are killed every day due to car crashes involving a distracted driver. While a large percentage of 21% of teen driving fatalities are attributed to distracted driving, the dangers are not isolated to one age group, or activity such as texting. Any activity which takes your eyes off the wheel and diverts your attention increases the likelihood of a crash.

For example, reaching for an object increases the chances of a car crash by 8 times according to the more alarming distracted driving statistics. Additionally, viewing navigation systems, adjusting music, eating and grooming create dangers. Once a driver has been distracted, it takes only 3 seconds for a car crash to occur.

Further, distracted driving becomes an even greater danger when weather conditions are less than ideal – whether when its foggy, rainy or when sun is blinding.

Often, several factors may be to blame when any accident occurs.

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