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Helicopter Safety Under Scrutiny

Hawaii News reports that an FAA whistle blower has come forward concerning helicopter safety.

In Hawaii, helicopters are a popular and frequently used mode of transportation for tourism and site seeing. Two recent fatal helicopter accidents in Hawaii have raised questions concerning their safety and the lack of sufficient oversight. A whistle blower has come forward with complaint’s that warnings about the safety of Hawaii’s helicopters have been ignored. These warnings were made prior to the two tragic air tour crashes, which resulted in multiple deaths.

Two senators are calling for an investigation into the FAA’s handling of these notices, and questions concerning whether the fatalities could have been prevented.

Issues raised include lax oversight, inadequate maintenance and pilot error, combined with a “too close” relationship between the administration and the helicopter pilot and operators.

One safety advocate called for an investigation citing the more than a dozen helicopter accidents occurring in Hawaii over the last five years.

The FAA is also facing scrutiny for lack of oversight regarding Hawaii sky-diving accidents, following a tragic aviation accident last year, which killed 11 people after a skydiving plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Whether for sightseeing or for transportation, it’s imperative that helicopters and small airplanes face tough regulations and oversight in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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