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Lanai Plane Crash Kills 3 Maui County Workers

Hawaii news reports that a small plane carrying 5 Maui County workers crashed following an attempt to take off from the Lanai airport. Three people died in the airplane accident, and three others sustained serious personal injuries. The people on board the plane were travelling as part of their work with Maui country, and had chartered a plan to take them to a County meeting. An investigation in to just what happened is underway. Sources indicate that three were 30 mph wind gusts that night, but it is unknown whether wind played a role in the accident.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in any type of aviation accident, it is a good idea to speak to a skilled Hawaii personal injury attorney right away.

Where you sustain harm – either as a passenger or a pilot or crew – as the result of negligence it may be possible to recover compensation. Further, because plane crashes and other aviation accidents are high-profile events, which often become the focus of media attention, the airlines and equipment manufacturers will act quickly to protect their interests. Determining liability can be a complex task and it is important to take rapid action on your case, whether your accident occurred on a jetliner or a small aircraft.

Here, it is unknown what caused the accident to occur. However, some common factors that may be factors establishing liability in aviation accidents include:

  • Equipment malfunction or defective products
  • Mistakes made by the pilot
  • Improper maintenance of equipment
  • Negligence on the part of ground crews or flight crews

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