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NCAA Head Injury Lawsuit Settles

Hawaii News reports that the NCAA has just settled the massive traumatic brain injury lawsuit filed by current and former college athletes. A recent article indicates that the NCAA will toughen its rules for "return-to-play" after players receive head blows. Further, the NCAA has agreed to create a $70 million fund to help pay for testing to determine the extent off brain trauma.

Individual players who have suffered a brain injury may bring individual personal injury lawsuits against the NCAA for damages.

Brain injuries – such as those suffered in sports accidents – also occur in a number of different types of accidents as the result of a sharp blow to the head. Injuries may range from mild to severe, and the impact may not be readily apparent. However, signs that you have received a head injury may include:

• headaches;

• blurred vision;

• difficulty concentrating;

• altered mental state; and

• mood swings.

The effect of a brain injury may worsen over time.

For more information or if you or a loved on has sustained a brain injury as the result of a sports injury, car accident or other trauma, consulting with an experienced Hawaii brain injury attorney is important to help you and your family recover the compensation it deserves.