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Fatal Hawaii Zipline Accident May Lead To Greater Workplace Safety

Reports indicated that a fatal ziplining accident may have been caused by human error and that work place safety issues may be implicated.

Hawaii News Now indicates that the young woman who died – a worker at Pi-iholo Zipline - was on the zipline platform when the accident occurred. She was assisting a rider off the cable, when the safety spring activated, and both the worker and rider were thrown from the platform. The worker was not wearing a safety harness and was not tethered to the platform. Currently no law requires employees to be attached, although often companies require employees wear a harness.

In a statement, Hawaii state lawmaker Angus McKelvey notes, "It's a terrible tragedy … Reports are beginning to indicate that this is a workplace safety (issues), errors and omissions, (so) that's the area we really need to focus on."

This accident remains under investigation, with many questions surrounding how to improve ziplining safety and whether all polices and procedures were following in this instance.

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Reports indicate that the number of zip line accidents has been increasing. Last year, a zipline worker sustaining fatal injuries on the Big Island following a test run.

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