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Many Factors Implicated In Fatal Truck Accident

Hawaii New Now reports that five teenagers have died in a fiery wreck in Texas following a major car accident. The vehicle that they were riding in ran a stop sign and collided with a large tanker loaded with fuel. The teens died at the scene. The truck driver is in critical condition after suffering burns over 90% of his body. Sadly, 5 teens have also died in a recent Ohio car crash that remains under investigation.

Both of these major accidents remain under investigation and while many people are often quick to blame teen drivers when an accident occurs, often many other factors exist that may lead to any one accident.

If your teen has been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, it is important to contact an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney right away. It is critical to begin an investigation into all of the relevant factors that played a role in causing harm. Only after conducting a thorough investigation is it possible to determine the sources of liability.

For example, oftentimes the way a road is designed is the "real" culprit behind an accident. Notoriously dangerous intersections with blind spots, poorly maintained roadways, and curves with low visibility may be more to blame than a driver. In these instances, it may be possible to file a roadway negligence claim. Other times, a defective auto part – such as faulty brakes or damaged tires that fail to operate, as they should – may be to blame for an accident. In these instances it may be possible to file a product liability claim.

Although in some instances driver error is to blame, whenever an accident occurs it is a good idea to hire an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney to begin an investigation into each factor that may have caused an incident to occur.

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