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Have I Been Harmed By Medical Negligence?

If you suffer pain or harm after a medical procedure or visit, how do you know if it's just a bad outcome or whether it constitutes medical malpractice? Although it's imperative to consult with an experienced Hawaii medical malpractice lawyer, a few signs exists that may be indicative of medical malpractice.

For example, if you sought treatment for a condition but the prescribed treatment is not working, or your condition isn't improving it's possible that the physician misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose your condition. Properly diagnosing an illness is the first step in recovering. Without a proper diagnosis a condition can worsen and your likelihood for a full recovery diminish.

Another sign that you may have been harmed is if you experience an unanticipated outcome or side effects. While not every poor outcome is the result of medical negligence, a result that is considerably different or unexpected may be an indication of a medical mistake or error.

However, some medical errors may be much more obvious – such as wrong site surgeries.

In any situation, if you believe that you may have been harmed as the result of medical malpractice, please contact the experienced Hawaii personal injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.