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Fatal Car Accident Under Investigation

According to Hawaii News, a woman died in a fatal car accident at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Thanksgiving. The accident was a single car crash and remains under investigation.

Initial reports reveal that the Honda sedan nearly "split in half" after the Honda sedan ran into several large Ohia trees. The density of materials around the area – including heavy brush and fern cover made it difficulty to assess the scene.

Whenever an individual or a loved one has been in a car accident, it is important to perform an investigation as soon as possible after the incident occurs to assess the factors surrounding the accident. For example, what were the weather conditions at the time of the accident? Was the sun shining? Was it cloudy or rainy? Also, what physical factors may have contributed to the accident? Were the roads properly maintained? Were there any hazards or obstructions in the roadway? Other issues to consider include whether the car involved had manufacturing defects or flaws, or whether driver error was to blame.

Police are searching for witnesses to the accident who may be able to help answer these and other questions surrounding the incident.

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