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Liability for Dangerous Conditions on Property

A California lab is now investigating an explosion at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that led to serious personal injuries. According to reports, the explosion occurred following a routine procedure. A postdoc candidate was transferring hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide into a small cylinder when the accident occurred. The woman lost her arm as the result of the explosion. The California lab investigating the accident was established following a fatal accident at a research center at UCLA.

Whenever serious personal injuries occur, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation into all of the factors that may have led to the accident. For example, were all safety protocols followed? Did any unreasonable safety hazards exist? Was this a foreseeable accident that could have been prevented?

Where an owner of property allows a dangerous condition to exist on their premises they may be held responsible in a "premises liability" lawsuit and be required to pay damages. Who the owner is, i.e. a municipality, a college, an employer or private entity, plays an important role in determining the type of lawsuit and damages that may be available.

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