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Honolulu Trolley Accident Injures Three

Hawaii news now reports that 2 adults and 1 child suffered serious personal injuries when a Le'a Le'a Trolley ran a red light. According to reports, the trolley hit a stroller with a three-year-old boy who was with his parent in in a crosswalk. The trolley then collided with a jeep that was turning left. The two people in the jeep suffered serious injuries.

More than 20 people have suffered serious and fatal injuries in Hawaii in 2016.

Whenever a serious accident occurs, it is important to begin an investigation into all of the factors that may have caused or contributed to an incident occurring.

In some instances, an accident is the result of driver error. For example, when a driver drives recklessly or fails to obey the rules of the road. However, a closer inspection may reveal other potential causes, i.e. perhaps a vehicle has faulty breaks and a driver may have tried to stop at a stop sign, but have been unable to do so through not fault of his own. In this instance, it may be possible to bring an action for product liability/defective products. Other times, unforeseen roadway conditions may lead to an accident's occurrence. This may be the situation where a roadway has not been properly maintained, or debris creates a hazard. Additionally, if roadway signals are not properly maintained, the entity in charge of ensuring their proper function may be held responsible.

In this instance, the accident remains under investigation.

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