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Soldier Dies in Boating Accident

Hawaii news reports that a 49-year-old soldier has died as the result of a boating accident near the Waianae small boat harbor. According to reports, the man was surfing when a fisherman operating a 21-foot boat ran over him. Several observers tried to help the surfer to the shore, but to no avail.

Those familiar with the area noted that the waterway has become increasingly busy over the last several years, with an uptick in commercial activity. One fisherman noted “Anytime you are in the harbor or in the entrance you are at risk of getting hit.”

Tour groups are and discussing ways to improve safety, with fisherman also calling for increased marking to help reduce the possibility of future accidents. The harbor is popular for tourists and surfers, but is also used by many commercial watercraft.

The Hawaii Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation sets forth rules and guidelines concerning fishing and boating safety, including both beach and ocean regulations, and boaters are required to pass Hawaii’s boater safety course. Additionally, it’s important to bear in mind some common tips, such as being aware of your surroundings and to be especially vigilant when boating or swimming in high traffic spots.

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