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Three Motorcycle Accidents, One Fatal, Underscore the need for Safety

The Honolulu Medical Examiner has confirmed the identity of a 34-year- man who died in last week's motorcycle accident in the vicinity of the Halona Blowhole. According to reports, the man slammed into the guardrail after losing control his motorcycle on the Kalanianaole Highway. Officials say he was wearing a helmet.

Another man sustained serious personal injuries when he was travelling on Leihoku Street and Farrington Highway and struck a parked car his motorcycle. In this instance, the man was not wearing a helmet.

A third motorcycle accident involving serious personal injuries occurred near the intersection of Fort Weaver Road and Laulaunui Street. In this instance, speed was cited as a main factor leading to the crash.

Each of these accidents serves as a reminder of the dangers of riding a motorcycle, and the need to exercise caution. While wearing a helmet isn't mandatory if you are 18 or older, it is advisable. Statistics show that mandatory helmet usage laws significantly decrease the number of fatalities.

Other safety tips include:

Learn about motorcycle safety by taking a class. Motorcycle safety classes can give you tips on how to operate the bike safety, and how to respond if you find yourself in an unsafe situation (such as going into a skid or losing control). you can also learn about traffic safety laws.

Ride with the proper protection. Because there's no shield from the elements, what you wear serves as an extra layer of protection. Opt for sturdy shoes, long pants, and a leather jacket rather flip flops and shorts.

Avoid distracting biking. Just as texting while driving is a recipe for disaster, it is even more dangerous to text and try to drive a motorcycle. To protect yourself and others, it's crucial to keep your eyes on the road.

Ride within your experience level. Those who ride motorcycles have varying levels of experience - if you're new to it, don't try to navigate some of Hawaii's most treacherous roadways and climbs. Start out gradually, and ride at your own level.

Be aware of the weather. Storms can arise in an instant, making the roadways slick. Before heading out, it's a good idea to make sure that no storm is approaching.

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