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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed in Hawaii Five-O Crash

Legal news reports that a stunt double on the television series Hawaii Five-0 has filed a personal injury lawsuit arising out of injuries he sustained while filming the show. According to court papers, the stunt man was injured in a scene where he was acting as a double for the Steve McGarrett character on the show, and was running to catch an alleged criminal who had carjacked someone in a parking garage. The man driving the carjacked vehicle stuck and injured the stunt man, and according to the lawsuit, will “end his career as a stunt performer.” The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the CBS Corp., CBS Studios and production companies. He asserts that there was a failure to create a safety working environment and that a “series of reckless, negligent mishaps” occurred, including the allowance of controlled substances. The suit asserts that the personnel on the set engage in a “quid pro quo”, offering work in exchange for pills.

While there may be certain risks involved in the nature of work stunt workers perform, where that risk is unreasonable or outside of what is reasonably expected, negligence may exist. Where the studio, production company or other knew of an unreasonable risk or were otherwise reckless, they may be held responsible and liable for damages.

Similarly, in dangerous professions such as construction, simply performing hazardous or dangerous jobs does not mean that you assume all risks in doing that work. The owner or employer must guard against unreasonable risks.

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