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Faulty maintenance to blame in Helicopter crash

An investigation in a fatal Hawaii helicopter crash has determined that the accident was the result of inadequate and faulty maintenance, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The incident occurred when a commercial pilot was giving four passengers a tour of the island In February 2016. Shortly after take-off, the cabin started vibrating. The pilot initially tried to make an emergency landing, but the vibration stopped so he continued. Shortly thereafter the vibrating stopped, so he continued the flight. However, when the vibrating restarted, he was unsuccessful in making an emergency landing. The helicopter fell 20 feet, killing one passenger, and injuring 4 others. An examination into what happened concluded that several routine maintenance issues had not been addressed which led to the helicopter's crash into water.

The report concluded "It is likely that, when this maintenance was conducted, grease was not applied to the forward coupling as specified in the manufacturer's maintenance manual." Based on this error, as well as overdue inspections, the NTSB concluded that it’s possible that the crash could have been prevented had the helicopter been properly maintained.

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