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Roadway safety questioned after fatal pedestrian accident

A recent fatal Hawaii pedestrian accident is raising questions concerning the safety of Hawaii's roadways. The incident, in which three people were killed and another two suffered serious personal injuries, occurred while the pedestrians were walking along side of Ala Moana Boulevard. Now, many residents are searching for answers and solutions to the growing issue of roadway safety.

A group gathered to discuss option and offer ideas such as urging legislation and tougher laws, and making physical changes to the roadway to promote safety. Some of the measures include current bills pending in the legislature which call for stricter DUI punishments, and other speed related enforcement measures. A bicycle advocate reiterated the need for change and community involvement to make the streets safer.

An initial report indicates that speed and alcohol may be factors in this incident. As Hawaii safety advocates, we are hopeful this tragedy spurs action to improve roadway safety.

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