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Advocates explore improving Hawaii road safety following fatal pedestrian accident

The recent fatal pedestrian injury has led to increased efforts to improve Hawaii roadways.  The incident occurred when three pedestrians were fatally struck by a truck, and five others sustained personal injuries. Speed and alcohol are believed to have contributed to the accident. 

Unfortunately, Hawaii ranks near the top of states for pedestrian accidents.  Despite efforts to make Hawaii’s roads safer, in 2018 pedestrian fatalities have increased by 525 percent from the same time last year.  Unfortunately, no one answer exists to reduce the prevalence of deadly Hawaii pedestrian accidents.  As such, safety experts are looking at several different avenues to improve safety, including changes to pedestrian and driver behavior, as well as updating roadway design and advocating for legislative change. 

For example, pedestrians are encouraged to pay closer attention to oncoming traffic.  This includes avoiding “distracted walking,” such as walking and texting while crossing the road, or listening to music without be able to hear traffic. Eliminating drunk driving, speeding and reckless driving is also important.  Advocates are seeking legislative change create stiffer penalties for DUIs, red light violations and a crackdown on speeders.  Municipalities are also evaluating dangerous intersection for ways to improve safety. 

While drivers may be assumed to be at-fault when accidents occur, such assessment may not always true.  Each factor must be taken into consideration and fault may be apportioned accordingly.

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