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Tragic Hawaii Sky-Diving Plane Accident Kills 11

Numerous state and federal agencies are investigating the sky-diving plane crash that killed all 11 people on board the flight.

The incident occurred when an Oahu skydiving plane went down shortly after take off.  The specific reasons behind the crash and all of the factors that may have led to incident have yet to be determined. 

While details concerning the incident are still forthcoming, the tragedy has sparked a renewed call for oversight of tourist flights, including skydiving and parachute planes.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) notes its concerns with regulation of these planes, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which oversees such operations.  The NTSB has stated that although parachuting comes with risk, passengers “should be able to count on an airworthy plane” and an “adequately-trained pilot.”   In the last decade, there have been 80 sky-diving accidents, and over a dozen fatalities, not including this most recent incident. 

The most recent Hawaii incident occurred in 2016, when 5 people were killed in a Kauai airplane crash.  

Whether pilot error, maintenance, weather conditions or other factors played a role in this incident remains under investigation.

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