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Truck Accident Leads to Multiple Personal Injuries

A tow truck company that was part of a multi-vehicle injury accident has apologized for its involvement in the collision.

Initial reports indicate that the tow company stated the incident occurred when the brakes on one of the towing company’s 18-wheelers began to fail, and the driver lost control of the truck.  The truck then caused a chain reaction, as it collided with 10 other vehicles.  4 people sustained serious personal injuries, including one man who suffered brain and spinal injuries. 

Truck accidents can be the most catastrophic and serious motor vehicle accidents.  Due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, when they are involved in any type of roadway incident, the potential for personal injury is great. 

Truck accidents may occur for a myriad of reasons; driver error, excessive demands, over burdened vehicles, poor maintenance, and roadway negligence.  Here preliminary reports from the driver place the blame on defective brakes.  Whether this was due to a manufacturing defect or the failure to properly maintain the truck in good working order is unknown.  An investigation into all of the contributing factors will continue. 

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