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Various Factors to Blame in Multi-Vehicle Accident

Hawaii News reports that eight vehicles were involved in a multi-vehicle crash in Honolulu.  Initial reports indicate that a pick-up truck was speeding when a tire fell off the vehicle, causing the driver to lose control and careen into several other cars on the highway.  The driver of the pick-up, along with drivers and passengers in the other vehicles sustained serious personal injuries and were treated at a local hospital. 

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, it is important to examine all factors involved.  Driver behavior is significant.  Reckless driving – which may include distracted driving, drunk driving or speeding – is the leading cause of all accidents.  Reckless driving accounts for roughly one-third of all motor-vehicle fatalities and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of serious personal injuries such as traumatic brain injuries/concussions, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and contusions.

Other factors that may cause or contribute to accidents occurring include product liability and defective auto parts.  For example, were the tires defective? Were they properly maintained?  Were there any other concerns such as faulty brakes?  Roadway conditions may also play a role in making an accident more likely to occur.

It’s important to understand any contributing causes to ensure you are able to recover all damages from all responsible parties.

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