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What is Roadway Negligence?

A Hawaii family is mourning the loss of a 58-year-old Waianae man who was killed while crossing the street last week. Reports indicate that Honolulu street where the accident occurred is "just one of those streets that is always busy."

If you have suffered serous personal injuries or have lost a family member due to the carelessness or recklessness of another, it's important to speak to a knowledgeable Hawaii personal injury lawyer right away. Many times it may be possible to recover compensation for your injuries, or provide damages to the surviving family members.

Many factors may be to blame in any one incident. For example, driver error may be a factor. Here the man was in the mid-block cross-walk when a van stopped to allow him to cross. However, a car approaching from the other direction never saw the man until it was too late. Whether the driver is at fault may be investigated. Further, as noted by many observers, the area where the accident occurred is busy and has been the scene of multiple accidents. Is the city, state or other entity responsible for failing to take actions to improve safety on this road? The theory of roadway negligence provides that in certain situations, the body responsible for designing and/or maintaining a road may be held legally responsible where the roadway is found to be unreasonably dangerous. This may be the case where turns are too steep, where there's a lack of adequate signage or where the roadway is poorly maintained.

Consulting with an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney is always a good idea when a serious accident occurs to determine just what occurred and what factors - including issues such as "roadway negligence" - played a role in the injury.

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