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Traumatic Brain Injury Linked With Increased Risk Of Stroke

A recent brain injury study reports that within three months of sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI), an individual's risk of stroke may increase 10-fold.

TBIs typically result from blunt force trauma to the head – often associated with car accidents, birth trauma, war injuries, and sports' injuries. The number of people affected by TBIs is alarming – in the U.S. about one in 53 people suffers a TBI each year – and many times the condition goes undetected and untreated. TBI injuries are characterized by short-term memory loss, confusion, personality changes, decreased motor functioning, dizziness and even an inability to perform the tasks of daily living.

In many cases, the brain injury could have been prevented and/or is the result of the carelessness or recklessness of another. In those instances it may be possible to recover compensation to pay for damages suffered.

If you believe you or a loved one sustained a brain injury as the result of another's negligence, consulting with an experienced Hawaii personal injury lawyer is important to determine your legal rights and your next steps.

The current study reports that not only do individuals harmed face cognitive and motor delays, but that the risk of stroke increases 10 times within the first 3 years post injury. The risk diminishes with time, but still remains 2.3 times greater for patients who had suffered a TBI after 5 years than those who had not.

For more information, or if you believe you or a loved one may have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), please don't hesitate to contact the experienced Hawaii brain injury lawyers for a confidential consultation.