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Lawsuit Filed After Fatal Pearl Harbor Construction Accident

Hawaii News Now reports that the families of two Pearl Harbor workers who were killed while on a barge have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The accident occurred when a 10-ten buoy crashed onto a barge where the men were working, along with several other employees. In addition to the two fatalities, two other workers suffered serious personal injuries. The lawsuit alleges that two companies – Truston Technologies and Healy Tibbits – are at fault and could have prevented the accident.

Construction sites are often dangerous and filled with many potential hazards. As a result, owners/employers, as well as general contractors have a duty to protect their workers from unreasonable dangers. The most common dangers include falls from heights – such as while a worker is on a ladder or scaffolding – accidents involving heavy equipment or machinery, electrocutions, and being struck by an object.

In many situations, Hawaii worker's compensation laws will provide benefits if you have been injured while on the job. Other times it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit for wrongful death or personal injury, for example where a third party may be responsible for causing your injuries.

If you have been injured while working at a construction job, its important to contact an experienced Hawaii construction accident lawyer to determine the best strategy to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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