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Fatal Hawaii Helicopter Accident Under Investigation

The search continues for 12 marines who were involved in the collision between two helicopters off the coast of Hawaii. According to reports, the marines were involved in a nighttime training mission near the North Shore of Oahu. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Whenever a helicopter accident occurs, the potential for serious personal injuries is high. Even the most highly skilled helicopter operators may find themselves and their passengers in danger when high winds, stormy conditions, or other hazards arise. Causes of helicopter accidents include pilot or other operational errors, equipment failure as the result of a defective product, inadequate maintenance of the helicopter, and other third party negligence. Victims of military and civilian helicopter crashes, and often their families, may recover damages for the injuries sustained as the result of negligence. However, the options for filing a lawsuit in each circumstance differ.

Any experienced Hawaii aviation accident lawyer can begin an investigation and help you determine the best option to pursue compensation.

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