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Two Hawaii Aviation Accidents In Same Day Injure Four

Two planes crashed in Hawaii this past week within hours of each other. In the first, a pilot flying solo on a flight from California to Australia had to make an emergency landing just off the coast of Maui. Conflicting reports indicate that the airplane either ran out of fuel or a malfunction/defective part prevented the pilot from accessing the fuel. Thankfully, the pilot was able to deploy the plane's parachute, and glide it to safety. The plane sank into the ocean, but the pilot was rescued by the crew of a nearby Holland America cruise ship.

Just a few hours later, a small plane carrying four people from Kauai to Oahu disappeared from radar after radioing a distress call. The three adults and one child in this incident were transferred to Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point near Honolulu where they were treated for minor personal injuries.

Both accidents remain under investigation.

Aviation accidents involving private, commercial or corporate airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons may occur for many reasons. They may be the result of weather conditions, pilot error, a manufacturer defect/defective part or some other form of negligence. Many times aviation accidents result in serious personal injuries, even death. Whenever any type of accident occurs involving aircraft, seeking the advice of an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney is important to represent your interests and help ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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