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Deadly Fall Raises Questions of Liability

A recent fall at one of Hawaii's largest shopping malls has raised questions of safety. The deadly incident occurred at the Ala Moana Center when the metal railing that two men were leaning against gave way. They both fell several levels, with one man dying from his injuries and another suffering serious personal injury. The accident remains under investigation. However, the center faces potential liability, and has been advised to inspect the center for other potential risks.

Pursuant to law, property owners have a duty to maintain their property "premises" in a reasonably safe manner, free from "unreasonable dangers." The failure to properly maintain structures such as guard rails, stairs, and benches, or to keep common areas free from potential hazards such as standing liquid and debris, may be considered negligent, and the property owner may be held responsible in a premises liability lawsuit.

Whether the property owners were negligent in any way still remains under investigation.

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