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Chain Reaction Crash Leaves One Dead

Hawaii police are investigating a chain reaction crash that left one man dead. The accident occurred when a taxi driver was heading east near Honolulu International Airport when it ran into one vehicle, then veered off to the right and ran into another SUV. The SUV then traveled over the guardrail, falling 30-40 feet below. The driver of the SUV died at the scene. According to initial reports, the taxi driver was speeding at the time, and was transporting a customer.

This accident raises several questions of liability. For example, was the taxi driver obeying all traffic laws, or was he driving recklessly? If he was in fact speeding, how fast was he going? Did the taxi cab company have policies or rules concerning safety? Did the passenger encourage the driver to go faster than the speed limit? What other factors may have influenced the accident? This may include what other drivers on the road were doing at the time, the conditions of the roadway itself, as well as any weather related influences.

Whenever a tragic accident occurs, it is important to examine all of the issues surrounding an incident. This helps to ensure the victim and his or her family are able to obtain answers to how an accident occurred, and understand who may be liable for damages in the event of a lawsuit.

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