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Can tour groups be held responsible when injury accidents occur?

According to Hawaii news, two people suffered serious personal injuries following a diving accident. The individuals were on a tour with a scuba diving company. Reports indicate that one of the divers experienced complications, and was found underwater, unresponsive and not breathing. A second man tried to step in and assist, but descended too quickly and became ill. Bystanders attempted CPR on both men until Honolulu Emergency Medical Services arrived. Both men were then taken to the hospital.

Diving tours and other water activities are some of Hawaii’s most popular tourist adventures. However, they are not without risks. In many cases, participants must sign waivers acknowledging the risks involved. Often, these waivers have clauses that ostensibly relieve the tour company of liability should an incident occur. However, having a signed waiver doesn’t relieve the company in instances where they act negligently or place participants at an unreasonable risk of harm.

No reports of negligence have been made in this situation.

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