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Bike Sharing Initiatives May Increase Risk Of Head Injuries

A popular initiative in many cities – bike sharing – has had an unanticipated result. The number of head and brain injuries has dramatically increased. According to a recent report published by NPR, under most bike sharing programs, you must either bring your own helmet, or go without. Riding without a helmet significantly increases your risk of receiving a head injury in a bike accident.

A group of researches studied whether the increase in bike sharing with effect the total number of head injuries and brain injuries in cities where the activity is common. The study reviewed that the likelihood of receiving a brain injury/head injury went up by 14%.

Researches commented, "The study basically confirmed our worries…Public bike-share initiatives are great wellness initiatives … But without providing helmets, we were concerned that we would see an increase in [the risk for] head injuries. And we did."

As a result of this study, observers suggest that cities that incorporate ride-sharing programs come up with a way to encourage helmet use.

In the meantime, all bicyclists should remember that even though they have a legal right to share most roads with cars and trucks this right is often violated by careless or negligent drivers. When accidents occur, the injuries can be severe and include not only head and brain injuries, but may result in spinal cord injuries, broken bones and even the loss of life.

Whether part of a bike sharing program or of your own initiative, most bicycle accidents could have been avoided and whether your injury was caused by driver negligence, drunk driving or road rage If you have been injured while riding a bike you may be entitled to damages including medical costs and pain and suffering.

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