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Pedestrian Critically Injured in Car Accident

The Hawaii Star Advertiser reports that a man has been critically injured walking on Hoomalu Drive in Pearl City. The article indicates that a 24-year-old woman struck the 25-year-old man, shattering the front windshield.

Several questions remain unanswered. For example, it is unknown whether the man was trying to cross the road, or whether he was simply walking along the side of the road, where there are no sidewalks.

Additionally, it is unknown whether speed or alcohol were factors in this pedestrian accident.

Residents familiar with the area remark that Hoomalu Street is "infamous for speeding." Various campaigns have been held by police and community leaders seeking to slow down traffic in the area, with several parked cars having been hit by speeding motorists.

Often when streets are well-known as dangerous, the design of the roadway itself may be a cause of an accident and the entity responsible for its design or maintenance may be found liable for harm resulting from "roadway negligence." Roadway negligence may include things such as inadequate lighting, the lack of proper signage and failure to properly maintain a street free from debris. Where a municipality or entity knows that a street is unreasonably dangerous, and fails to take action, this failure may be considered negligent.

Whenever an accident occurs, it is crucial to investigate all factors, including the potential existence of roadway negligence. For more information, or if you or a loved one has been injured in a personal injury accident, contact the experienced Hawaii personal injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.