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Several Factors May be to Blame For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Several factors must be evaluated whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs. The accidents may be vastly different, but many of the same questions apply to each. For example, Hawaii news reports that recently a 25-year-old man was killed in a moped accident in Wahiawa and four women sustained serious personal injuries in a head-on collision in Waipahu.

In each circumstance it is critical to evaluate actions of the drivers involved, roadway circumstances and other potential issues such as weather conditions.

An investigation should consider whether the driver or drivers involved were obeying the rules of the road. Was speed or alcohol a factor? Did the driver fail to yield or obey traffic signs and signals? In some cases weather is a factor, with rain making the roadways slick or bright sun shining in a driver’s eyes.

Although police may make an initial determination, it is important to contact an experienced Hawaii accident attorney if you have sustained injuries in any type of accident.

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